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Re: Opening bundles

From: Ivan Vučica
Subject: Re: Opening bundles
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 23:22:06 +0200

That is the same problem Gregory ran into yesterday, but the file was there, and I have since applied a few fixes which made the program compile on my machine.

Are you absolutely sure you have today's latest commits? Did you ./configure and make clean? If so, I am not sure what might be going wrong. 

XCPluginManager.h should be located in Plugins/ and should be referred to in the GNUmakefile. 


Ivan Vučica
via phone

On 12. kol. 2011., at 22:06, Eric Wasylishen <address@hidden> wrote:

Hey Ivan,

I ran in to a similar problem once where Ink wouldn't open rtfd bundles; running the make_services tool fixed it.

The open/save panel code calls -[NSWorkspace isFilePackageAtPath:] to decide whether a path is a bundle. From what I can see, the implementation of isFilePackageAtPath  doesn't consult the application's info.plist but only looks at the cache generated by the make_services tool. This isn't very nice, since it seems we both ran in to problems because of it, so NSWorkspace should probably be modified to check the app's info.plist file in case the make_services cache is out of date.

btw, I tried updating and building zcode but it looks like a file is missing:
IDE/AppController.m:24:28: fatal error: XCPluginManager.h: No such file or directory


On 2011-08-12, at 12:06 PM, Ivan Vučica wrote:

Hi there,

a few months ago, I've updated GNUstep and compiled Zcode to discover I can no longer open .xcodeproj bundles directly, despite associating Zcode with them in the .plist. I've resolved this today by allowing users to open .pbxproj files that are de-facto the only important pieces of .xcodeproj bundles.

However, this is suboptimal.

Can someone verify that I'm not doing anything incorrect?

Zcode available via Mercurial:

Direct link to info.plist:

Ivan Vučica - address@hidden

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