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Re: OsiriX [Was: environment]

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: OsiriX [Was: environment]
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 12:46:43 +0200
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On 19.08.2011 19:45, Philip G Batchelor wrote:
thanks again for the diverse suggestions, been busy with few other
things but I finally managed to try it.
I did as suggested below, i.e. #if defined(GNUSTEP) with a few #defines
which for the moment use standard float and int instead of vFloat and
UInt8 (and a few other details, I indeed need to use something to keep
track of changes). The compilation went through, which is good, until a
long list of linking messages such as
'linker input file unused because linking not done' so somehow something
went wrong in the pbxbuild generated Makefiles I guess...

It's not just a redundant flag, as it then hits an error:
No rule to make target `obj/OsiriX.obj/Binaries/openjpeg/bio.c.o'

I'm trying to look at the Makefiles for linking info, but they're ratehr
long. I notice lots of
[...other libs...]

so, am stuck again.

You not giving enough hints on what you did to follow these steps. I had a quick look at my checked out version of osirix and there openjpeg does only exists as a zip file. you will have to extract that first before GNUstep will be able to compile it. Maybe there is a task in the Xcode project to do that, but I am not sure whether GNUstep's pbxbuild will be able to do this by itself. If these files are missing you should get plenty of warnings long before this step.

As Eric already pointed out you should be asking your questions at the Osirix mailing list. We are definitely willing to work together with the Osirix developers to get this software to compile on GNUstep, but at least one person involved in that process should know something about the build process.

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