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Re: Compiling Cenon

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Compiling Cenon
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 20:46:37 +0200
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On 29.08.2011 10:25, Georg Fleischmann wrote:
On 28.08.2011, at 08:10, Germán Arias wrote:
 Now compile. But crash at launch. This is the backtrace:

 (gdb) backtrace
 #0 0xb6df5fe6 in objc_msg_lookup (receiver=0xb7655740, op=0xb76155f0)
 at /home/german/Instalados/GCC/gcc-4.6.0/libobjc/sendmsg.c:397
 #1 0xb735e433 in -[NSApplication setApplicationIconImage:]
 _cmd=0x84a295c, anImage=0x824c070) at NSApplication.m:2332
 #2 0xbff15c38 in ?? ()
 #3 0x08050134 in main (argc=786480, argv=0x824bc85) at Cenon_main.m:62

It's crashing within GNUstep when setting the Application Icon. It used to work.
Anyway, just change the following line to a capital "C". This is obviously wrong
(since July 2002):

[app setApplicationIconImage:[NSImageimageNamed:@"cenon.tiff"]];
[app setApplicationIconImage:[NSImageimageNamed:@"Cenon.tiff"]];

I have uploaded a new source package 3.9.5 also, fixing both issues.

Hi Georg,

thank you for the quick fix. Although there was a bug in your code, I still would like to understand what is going wrong on the GNUstep side. First of all, why do you need your own main function? Would it be possible to call the GNUstep implementation of NSApplicationMain? You may have to add an Info.plist to define the main bundle and the application icon, but most likely you have that file anyway. Just checked you already have that file but the NSMainNibFile key is missing there. Could you please try to add a definition for that and remove the special GNUstep main implementation?

But even that still doesn't explain what may go wrong here. Most likely we are talking about a sparc processor here. There (and on very view other machines) message sends to nil that are supposed to return a structure crash the program. We need to check before each such message send whether we have nil. This is missing in the code in question. I will add that, although it is no longer needed for Cenon.


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