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Re: building a self-contained deployable gnustep [cont]

From: Julian Mayer
Subject: Re: building a self-contained deployable gnustep [cont]
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 16:26:59 +0200

> I can think of only three ways that could happen:
> 1. your environment variable is incorrectly set so that the loader is picking 
> up some other copy of the gnustep-base library rather than the one in the 
> standalone folder.

well you can see from the line below that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is correct. 

> address@hidden:~/Desktop/GNUstepTest/HelloWorld.app$ 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/notroot/Desktop/GNUstepTest/HelloWorld.app/standalone 
> ./HelloWorld

if the LD_LIBRARY_PATH would point to something invalid we would get errors 
loading the base/gui  libraries since there is no global /usr gnustep 
installation here

> 2. you configured/built base with some mistake in the --with-config-file= 
> option, so it's picking up and using an existing config file from elsewhere 
> on your system.
> 3. you configured/built base with some mistake in the --with-default-config= 
> option, so the built-in defaults are coming from somewhere else on your 
> system.

i am sure i did it correctly, since i used copy and paste. see the p.s. section.

> For reference ... here's a repeat of the email I sent earlier saying what I 
> did when I was testing the new templates ...

yes thanks, i followed it to the letter (well. i installed libobjc2 too).

i am sorry to suggest it but maybe the faults on your end ;-) i was also under 
the impression it worked the first time i tested, but it seems some leftover 
environment variables caused the installed and not the embedded version to be 
picked up.

to be sure your instructions work you have to:
• move the ~/standalone out of place. 
• be on a clean shell that has not sourced GNUstep.sh and has no environment 
variables related to gnustep set.
• do not have a global installation of gnustep in /usr. as the output of the 
modifed gui suggests, it looks for the backend here as last resort, so if you 
have gnustep installed on your system it will seem to work although it really 

thanks, julian

p.s. i've looked at all my config.log files to make sure i followed your 
suggestions - seems i did:

  $ ./configure --with-layout=standalone

  $ ./configure --with-config-file=./ --with-default-config=standalone.conf 

  $ ./configure --with-tiff-include=/home/notroot/Desktop/inst/include/ 
--with-tiff-library=/home/notroot/Desktop/inst/lib/ --disable-jpeg

  $ ./configure 

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