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Re: gnustep application not running on machines with NVIDIA Optimus chip

From: Julian Mayer
Subject: Re: gnustep application not running on machines with NVIDIA Optimus chipset
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 19:41:56 +0100

> Hi Julian, Fred,
> It's odd that such a simple X call would fail. :-/
> I have a couple ideas:
> - increase the size of the root window from (1,1) to, say, (32,32). (unlikely 
> to do anything.. but maybe
> worth a try?)
> - as a sanity check I would add:
> printf("current thread: %p\n", (intptr_t)pthread_self());
> in a few places to make sure everything is on the same thread.
> 1. start of main().
> 2. back/Source/x11/XGServer.m:413 just before XOpenDisplay
> 3. before the XCreateSimpleWindow call
> - lastly, I wonder if it could be 32/64 bit problem, or a problem where the 
> way gnustep-back is dynamically
> loaded is confusing vglrun. IIRC there is a gnustep-make option somewhere to 
> compile back as a normal
> library rather than a bundle, so your app is linked to back at build time 
> rather than runtime. May be worth a try.
> Eric

hey eric

thanks for your suggestions.

i've investigated some more and i think there is no problem in gnustep at all, 
and the VirtualGL people should just fix their stuff ;-)

i've run other gnustep applications even ones with NSOpenGLView without problem 
under VirtualGL so i doubt that changing root window size or anything would 
help. i take this also as indication that there really is no problem in gnustep 
at all.

i've tracked down the crash to the fact that i am creating an OpenGL context 
early in main()  and checking some OpenGL capabilities there. but its all very 
non-deterministically, creating the context and even calling 
glGetString(GL_VERSION is fine, calling glGetString(GL_VERSION) again and there 
is a segfault later on during window creation. completely weird, calling 
glGetString() doesn't change how gnustep creates the window at all.

even if i uncomment all the context checking in main(), it crashes just later 
on during trying to actually play the game, again in the VirtualGL support 
library librrfaker.so...

in summary, VirtualGL seems just broken for my app, but there doesn't seem to 
be a real problem in gnustep - sorry for the noise.

bye, julian

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