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Re: Building on FreeBSD 10+BeagleBone Black (arm)

From: Kevin Ingwersen
Subject: Re: Building on FreeBSD 10+BeagleBone Black (arm)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 05:47:48 +0100

While the script is stuck, open a new terminal window - or use screen - and 
tail the config.log. It always has the command it tries tor un within. As the 
command is actually stuck, the most bottom lines, above your prompt, should 
show the comand, and possible stuck-reason on first glance.

Am Do. Jan. 02 2014 05:44:43 schrieb Lundberg, Johannes:
> Hi!
> I'm doing some experimenting on the BBB and I managed to build all 
> dependencies for gnustep-make and gnustep-base (natively on the BBB, from 
> FreeBSD ports).
> However, configure on gnustep-base seems to stop at
> checking FFI library usage... 
> # top 
> shows
> 46094 root          1  76    0 10736K  2140K RUN    139:22  90.28% conftest
> but user cpu usage is around 4%.
> Not sure what the script is doing at this time. Is there any known problem 
> with FFI? If so, are there any alternatives? Will gnustep-base run without it?

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