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Re: Crash in countByEnumeratingWithState method of GNUstep's implementat

From: Mathias Bauer
Subject: Re: Crash in countByEnumeratingWithState method of GNUstep's implementation of NSArray
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 13:34:44 +0100
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I doubt that returning the address of a stack variable will fix that. "size" must become an iVar, IMHO.


Am 08.01.14 13:21, schrieb Quentin Mathé:
Hi Matthias,

Le 8 janv. 2014 à 10:45, Mathias Bauer a écrit :


it seems that the implementation of countByEnumeratingWithState in NSArray is 

The following code in NSArray.m

   NSUInteger size = [self count];
   NSInteger count;

   /* This is cached in the caller at the start and compared at each
    * iteration.   If it changes during the iteration then
    * objc_enumerationMutation() will be called, throwing an exception.
   state->mutationsPtr = (unsigned long *)size;

of course crashes as soon as any fast enumeration is executed for any 
collection deriving from NSArray. The cast in the last line can't work.

Now I'm wondering how this problem could remain undiscovered or at least 
unfixed for such a long time. I doubt that everybody who implemented a class 
that derives from NSArray also re-implemented this method.

I just stumbled on it today while testing some custom NSArray subclass. I think 
most people don't write NSArray subclass, and GNUstep concrete subclasses are 
all overriding the fast enumeration method, so the default fast enumeration 
implementation in NSArray was just never executed.

A simple fix would be to add an iVar that gets the result of [self count] each 
time this method is called and assigning its address to state->mutationsPtr.

The following should be enough to fix it: state->mutationsPtr = (unsigned long 

Any chance for getting this fixed in the trunk version?

I'll commit this fix today.


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