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Re: libobjc2 / gnustep-base build troubles on Debian9

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: libobjc2 / gnustep-base build troubles on Debian9
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:35:00 +0000
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On 30/01/2019 09:15, Andreas Fink wrote:
Hello David & all

Today I tried to build libobjc2 exactly the way you did as you seemed to have no errors. So I installed Debian Testing (sid) on to an empty VM and got clang-7.0.1 with it.

This is the clang bug that I reported (and fixed in trunk) a couple of weeks ago. Clang generates files that don't link if you have an Objective-C program or library containin no classes. This, unfortunately, causes most of the configure tests to fail.

The FreeBSD llvm7 package has a back-port of the fix, if vourite operating system's package does not then I suggest you ask them to incorporate it.


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