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Re: [DotGNU]PHILOSOPHY s/file/chapter/

From: Peter Minten
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]PHILOSOPHY s/file/chapter/
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 07:46:48 +0200

S11001001 wrote:
> Let me say something about PHILOSOPHY: I think it would be much more
> useful if included in the manuals. For example, I have set aside a
> section in my working SEE install/config/use manual for the Philosophy
> file. See <>;
> must be built with Texinfo 4.1 or later, tarball includes a
> pre-generated HTML file.

Makes sense. Inclusion in the manual would certainly be more clear and
visible than a separate file.
> More people look at their manuals then their source trees. Also, one of
> the most effective GNU Philosophy adverts IMHO is the inclusion of the
> GNU Manifesto as a startup key in Emacs. I also enjoy FS slip-ins such
> as the one in _Texinfo_: "Also, if you are writing a manual about
> software, you should explain that the software is free..." See the
> attached SEE manual sampling for some more of this. One of the first
> things I did when I first started Emacs was read the manifesto.

Maybe we should put up a standard that every DotGNU program should
reference to the Philosophy file and the DotGNU manifesto (let's not
forget that one :-) in some form of another.
> Think about it: we put together great manuals, DG takes off, the manuals
> are sold in stores with an invariant Philosophy in each one. That's much
> better reach than a source-tree file, and makes for more interesting
> manuals than plain technical pieces.

That would certainly be a Good Thing :-).
> Anyway, I'll send you a diff with syntax fixes *only*, and if/when you
> include those, I'd be happy to reformat it in Texinfo.

I look forward to receiving them :-).



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