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Re: [DotGNU]Webservice Goals

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Webservice Goals
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 23:38:50 -0700 (PDT)

> > The C# can specify interfaces, methods and
> parameters.
> > Its meta-data is accessable via reflection. You
> can
> > get a API to the interface via reflection. 
> Well the tough way !... 
The easy way. How else? 
Please tell.

> > The attributes are accessable via the metadata or
> > reflection as well right? Then they can be used.
> Yes, we could have a ExposeIDLAttribute to specify
> the exact IDL we want . (rather than rely on dynamic
> stuff)
> > The question is if we have the foundation for
> building
> > anything at all right now..
> Well we do have a foundation for 2 things ... I've
> tried 
> to blaze a path through 2 less visited area of pnet
> . 
> 1) Wrapping Native libs
>     libxml# should be a reasonable guide for anyone
> wrapping
> data based Native libs ... I'm still unsuccessfull
> with call
> back based systems (SEGFAULT in libgc)
> 2) Implement Scripting engine support
>     Partial success with Python 
I would like to try out your work under perl.

> These two are IMO the way to go from here ... I'm
> working 
> on the third big step ie a IL compiler for some
> language
> > Well if you have no way of calling IL without
> linking
> > the il_runtime statically then there is a problem.
> If
> > you dont address this, you will loose support. 
> As I said I'm statically linking the VM with an 
> -export-dynamic flag.
But the dynamic libs loaded by python allow invokation
of the gpled code from anywhere. 
If that is not a problem then I can wrap the VM in a
perl DLL?

> > Ok course, just cscc the csharp, and then use the
> pnet
> > runtime to execute the code via a DLL. The same
> can be
> > used for many scripting languages or not?
> Yes it can easily be used ... but the real issue is
> the
> marshaller/unmarshaller .. "(T)V" seems easy but get
> to
> "(T*bii[vSystem.Int32;)oSystem.String;" and life
> seems
> more complicated than ... 
The mapping of values from one system to the other?
Thi is an iteresting problem I aggree.

> > There is not any difference, as soon as you *link*
> the
> > two, you are opening yourself up to licensing
> issues
> > even via convoluted means. You cannot get around
> it.
> Yes there is as long as you preserve the IL or
> Object
> style execution and hide the Engine internals ,
> you're
> reverting to the normal mode of execution of the
> engine.
> ie running IL programs . The module needs to be
> GPL'd
> but the scripts using it will get only what a normal
> C# program provides to the programmer ....
As soon as you make a GPLEd dll, only gpl code can
call it. the entire program becomes gpled. According
to the  GPLe faq. 

> So in a sense the script and engine are loosely
> aggregated.
> (like grep and sed in an earlier examples).
> > > A whole AST is too dangerous and too much
> > > information in my opinion. 
> >
> > Not in mine. Why does ruby provide it? Why is ruby
> so
> > powerful? Be consistent, dont jump to conclusions.
> Well a scripting language and a compiled language
> has
> differences .... Python provides the compiler in a
> similar
> fashion. See the py_compile module .
So what is the problem?

It just turns out that we have the same license on all
this code, and you will allow some people to link some
modules to them and other not? Untill someone makes a
clear statement on what is possible, what am I
supposed to do?

I feel that my perl work get stopped because of
licensing and you go on even if there is no difference
between the two, only that you dont *want* certain
modules to be linked. 

The linking of perl to the cscc is the same as to the
il_execute from the licensing side. just because you
dont like the idea does not mean you can stop it, only

Change the license to reflect you wishes and dont play

If you want any real contribution, make a level
playing field, clear and consistent rules for


James Michael DuPont

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