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[DotGNU]The SEE playground has been visited...

From: Gerard Toonstra
Subject: [DotGNU]The SEE playground has been visited...
Date: 01 Jul 2002 00:50:47 +0000

Hi all,

As you all know, I have been rather busy thinking about the SEE and
decided to start playing around with it in order to get more knowledge
of the concept and view the possiblities.

Good thing I did, cause it coredumps :(   tracing it seems to do with
GC_ calls. Possibly because it's now in a plugin that's dynamically
loaded... some insights would be appreciated (stack problems?)

If you'd like to look at the sources, which have been hacked together
without comments at the moment:

Sadly, my is very bad, so it probably will not allow you to
automake and autoconf it at the moment. I suspect it'll complain about
path settings that have been hardcoded rather than detected.

Other than that, the code is a starting point.

So, basically the see.conf goes to /etc.  Edit it to your needs.

then try to get dotgnu_csharp library to compile (you need pnet for

Then try to get seerun to compile  (you only need a running system for
that :).

Then 'see' if you can run it. :)



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