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[Libjit-developers] libjit vs LLVM

From: Chris Lattner
Subject: [Libjit-developers] libjit vs LLVM
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 22:12:08 -0500 (CDT)

Hi All,

I was wondering what you could tell me about the differences in goals
between libjit and LLVM.  In particular, on this page:

It is stated "Unlike other systems such as the JVM, .NET, Parrot, and
LLVM, libjit is not a virtual machine in its own right. It is the
foundation upon which a number of different virtual machines, dynamic
scripting languages, or customized rendering routines can be built."

I believe that the statement is true about .NET, JVM, and Parrot, but LLVM
is exactly what you describe: a framework that can be used to build a
number of different virtual machines.  In particular, LLVM assumes no
runtime model or library: we currently JIT C,C++,Stacker (a forth-like
language), and have good starts on Java, .NET, O-Caml, and Ruby

If you're not familiar with LLVM, it's actually a lot more than a JIT.
It's also a static, linktime, and offline optimizer that includes dozens
of aggressive SSA-based optimizations.  Another advantage of LLVM is that
it is mature and works well now.  :)  For more info, see:

Can you say a little bit about the advantages of using libjit over LLVM?
Also, can you please correct the quote above to accurately describe the
difference between libjit and LLVM?




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