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[Libjit-developers] lost message: various free JIT libraries

Subject: [Libjit-developers] lost message: various free JIT libraries
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 16:10:43 +0100
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Hello LIBJIT-developers list & A.Demakov

Aleksey, sorry for sending twice to you, but it could be the case that the Libjit list has a problem (which I signalled to libjit-developers-owner without any reaction).

I sent twice the following message to libjit-developers without having got it or reading it on the archive in

Aleksey, if you got this message from the list robot (and not only directly from me), could you tell me please?

First: where is the current libjit CVS? Still on
cvs -z3 \
 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/sources/dotgnu-pnet \
 co libjit
Is there some more active CVS or other repository (SVN? darcs?)

Does any one have comparaisons between various free opensource JIT libraries, a bit like:

      GPL licence
      medium sized library (65KLOC)
      offer an internal VM for machines not yet targetted
      target x86 (32bits), ARM, Alpha
      missing AMD64 target
      generate code of medium-good quality at medium-good speed
      may produce *.so ELF files
      handles several registers well
      C & C++ API: the abstract syntax tree is built in memory then JITed
      medium sized community
      small community
      used in DotGnu PNET

      LGPL licence
      small "library" -only include files acually (22KLOC)
      targets x86, PowerPC32, AMD64, Sparc32
      quick generation of simple (unoptimized) machinecode in memory
      handle few registers (6)
      C API : each macro emits a few machine instruction
      design model: a tiny 6 register RISC machine
      used in GNU Smalltalk, CLISP?
      small community

      a C compiler able to compile C code from memory
      to machine code memory
      nearly dead project
      target x86, ARM (not AMD64)
      quick compilation from C to unoptimized machine code
      C API : given a char* of a C code, generate machine code
      buggy for generation of ELF shared objects

      an entire compiler, whose middle-end can be used to JIT
      large community
      targets x86, AMD64, ARM, Sparc32&64
      sometimes uses an external assembler
      able to make many optimisations
      generate optimized code from a C++ AST (or external syntax)
      may generate *.so in ELF files
      extra support for various Garbage Collectors
      big C++ library (about 500KLOC)

      just write a C code file and gcc -fPIC it and dlopen it
      large community many targets
      not really a JIT

Maybe we should add more, in particular ParrotCode, LuaJIT, some Jitting JVMs (kaffe?) ...
(and some haskell jitting library?)

What I would be interested in is what (opensource) projects are using these JIT libraries, and ideally a quantitative comparison of them...

For Libjit, I only know of dotnet using it. what else?

Are there any programs which uses several JIT-ing libraries and is able to compare them in term of : speed of the JITting (ie machine code generation) and speed/size of the generated machine code


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