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[Dotgnu-libjit] libjit, x86-64, WIN64

From: Patrick Frants
Subject: [Dotgnu-libjit] libjit, x86-64, WIN64
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 15:25:23 +0200

I am very much impressed by libjit and very much would like to use it in our product.
We are using MSVC and need libjit as 32 and 64 MSVC compatible dlls.
32 BIT
I used MingW to build the 32 bit dll and it works fine :-)
64 BIT
I get into trouble when executing gen-apply.exe. It falters within jit_builtin_apply (jit-apply-x86-x64.h) which appearantly needs different calling conventions for linux and Win64. There is no code for Win64 specific code there yet.
I have two questions:
- Is my analysis right?
- Is there any movement towards Win64 support?

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