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Re: [Pnet-developers] Bug , Patch and doubts

From: Gopal V
Subject: Re: [Pnet-developers] Bug , Patch and doubts
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 18:25:22 +0530
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If memory serves me right, Rhys Weatherley wrote:
> Sorry about not replying sooner.  When I had a look at it, it seemed to be 
> missing the "using" clause for resolving the identifiers in the attributes.  
> The patch didn't appear to address this, so I'd like to know whether you've 
> investigated that?

Nope it's picking up the "using" clause ... the problem is this fragment of
code ...

        public static Dino Dino;

Where Dino -the-member- is picked as the parameter ... so if I comment
out the field decl , it compiles fine ... You could solve this bug by
implementing backtracking lookups for qualified identifiers to solve
the ambiguity of ".field Dino" vs ".class Dino" .. 

Right now an easy way to solve this ambiguity is to assume (correctly) 
that the first identifier in a qualident in an attribute arg is always
a type or namespace , so avoid lookups for members in CSResolveSimpleName.

PS: a lot of cases occurr with DefaultValue attributes in System.Data ...
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