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Re: [Dr. Geo] How do I update to the latest development version?

From: Hliaire Fernandes
Subject: Re: [Dr. Geo] How do I update to the latest development version?
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2018 04:26:45 -0700 (MST)

HJH wrote
> Which steps do I need to follow to get your today changes into my
> version of the development version? I.e. update the src folder?
> - bazaar command and
> - Load the updated src directory into the DrGeoII Pharo image? Do I
> just reinstall everything?
> --Hannes

Good question.

*1. update your local bazaar repository* to match the latest change in the
main repo:

   cd drgeoRepo
   bzr pull lp:drgeo

Examine the update report, precisely the names of the update packages
(folder as DrGeoII-* are the package names)

*2. In your Dr. Geo development image, open the Monticello GUI*. At the
right in the Monticello window select the DrGeo  tonel:// repository and
open it (its path should end with /drgeo/src).


*3. In the next Window*, select and load the packages updated during the
bazaar pull. Don't look at the Time stamp, it is misleading.


Of course you can update all the Dr. Geo packages at once with the Metacello
command, but it is overkill.


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