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[Dr-theobold-discuss] Great so far, one hangup, and the mud takes a whil

From: Alaskalinuxuser
Subject: [Dr-theobold-discuss] Great so far, one hangup, and the mud takes a while.
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 18:19:56 -0800
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Having fun playing through this!

As a point of discussion, getting stuck in the mud was a real pain in the sub. Once stuck, I started a series of attempts to get unstuck, but after the variants to the power of 8, I had to look at the code to "cheat" and read the answer.

I started like this:

East up
West up
E e u
E w u
W e u
W w u
E e e u
E e w u
E w e u
Etc, until I was on w e w e w w w e u, and I gave up. (That's 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2 or 256 attempts.)

So, then I saw my error which was that up will not be the last command. So, my question is, how hard is that puzzle for others? With the answer in hand, that would be (3*3*3*3*3*3) combinations to find the answer, or 729 possible attempts to find the answer.

Not knocking the game, it's very fun! I just wonder if that puzzle might be better worded with a clue to help you out of it?

Also, a slight problem with room layouts in the sub.

! Spoiler alert !

So, the submarine tunnel layout, to the best of my knowledge looks like this:

4 3 1 2

So, when you start at 1, you can go east once, to a wall at 2.
Then you go west once, back to 1. Then west two times, and north once to 5.

So here is the oddity, but I'm not sure of it was an error, or design.

If I am at 5, go south, I am at 4. From 4, if I go east, I am immediately at 2, the wall. Now, since I'm at 2, I can go west once to 1. But, from 4, I should go east once to 3, then east again to 1, right? Or by going east from 4, do I suddenly go east continuously until stopped by the wall at 2?

That's why I'm not sure if that is an error. If so, I can add it on the bug tracker.

Great game so far. Now if I could only read the formulae from the garden. I couldn't because I took a nap! ;)

I did have one "oddity" that I was not sure about.
-- AlaskaLinuxUser

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