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[Duplicity-talk] the big 'picture' --or-- how to keep just one revision.

From: Richard
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] the big 'picture' --or-- how to keep just one revision.
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:10:38 -0600
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I've been trying to comprehend exactly how duplicity will work for me as I continue to make backups. I've been searching the web and the mailing list archives for either a graphical representation or a text version of a 'play by play' of what occurs during subsequent backups and cleanups.

In my situation, I am not looking to keep historical revisions of data. I only need the current data backed up. My understanding is that once an initial backup is made all future backups are incrementals. If after 14 days you need to restore a file that changes each day, then the initial backup plus all 13 incremental backups will be needed to restore the file. This would mean that an occasional full-backup would be needed if things are to remain manageable. I'm trying to keep from having to continuously backup 50gig across the net when only 50 meg of data changes each day.

Is it possible to keep just ONE backup on the system and just update that one encrypted tar file via rsync?

Is it possible to keep just the original backup and then only one differential that grows each day that would contain all of the changed data since the original backup?

What happens when a large amount of data disappears from the source location?

Here are the google search term's I've used so far in my quest for answers.
+duplicity +"graphic representation" -movie -Theatrical
+duplicity cleanup old backups  -movie -Theatrical -DVD
+duplicity multiple backups -movie -Theatrical -DVD
+duplicity  +"Kenneth Loafman"

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