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[edu-eu]Re: Freeduc-cd release 1.3

From: Hilaire Fernandes
Subject: [edu-eu]Re: Freeduc-cd release 1.3
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:14:31 +0200

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 01:17:25 +0200
Bernhard Reiter <address@hidden> wrote:

      On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 12:48:38PM +0200, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
      > On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 11:10:36PM +0200, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
      > > Freeduc-cd release 1.3 is out!
      > > 
      > > More info at:
      > >
      > Looks fine.
      Looking more closely at the list of packages
      it still reveals that proprietory software is on the CD.
      Like 3270-common 3.2.17-2, xsnow  1.42-3 which are in Debian non-free.
      I suggest you check all packages regarding their Debian status.

Thanks for the feedback, please can you consider to write a note at the each time you encounter
a non free related issue within freeduc-cd. Thanks!

      Additionally I suggest to be careful with the packages that have
      patent problems which are know to be exploited, like GIF (gimp-non-free)
      or encoders in xine or xanim.

Agree, however I will probably not remove the gimp-non-free package, althought
there is a patent related problem. The software in itself is free, don't you?

Hilaire Fernandes

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