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[Edu-fr] Perhaps a "GNU Kids" project?

From: Jason M. Felice
Subject: [Edu-fr] Perhaps a "GNU Kids" project?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 19:12:45 -0000
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I'm in the research phase for a project (of the unfunded, personal,
philanthropic sort) to create a platform for use in schools.  I want to build
a comprehensive software curriculum for ages 3-7.  I've reasearched and found
with the help of a local users group, your education page, a few Linux in
school advocacy pages, Debian Jr. (which seems dead), and some odds and ends.

I'm writing to ask your opinion on one dilemma I am currently facing.  First,
my first thought would be that I would like to make a sanctioned GNU project,
call it "GNU Kids" or something, and work from that.  The dilemma is that the
goal of the project is to make affordable (i.e. free not freedom) platform for
underfunded schools.  I'm curious if you see much of a conflict here.  I
would never use proprietary software here, but I've seen that the requirements
for a package becoming GNU software is much more strict than just becoming
Free Software.  I want to leverage existing Open Source packages as well as
write software (hopefully I'll just be writing glue bits, but that's probably
not likely).  This would mean bringing other packages into whatever my project
becomes, whether it is under the GNU umbrella or not.

And just to present the whole picture, the software is half the story.  The
rest will involve training teachers and getting them involved with the
feedback process, acquisitioning donated hardware, setting up schools, etc.

In addition to your thoughts on the dilemma, any pointers to more information
in this realm, suggestions, advice, etc. would be very appreciated.

-Jay 'Eraserhead' Felice

P.S. I've copied the users' group which has been helping out to keep them in
the loop.

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