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[eev] sudos in langhelp-0.9.0

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] sudos in langhelp-0.9.0
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 23:15:50 -0200

Hi Rubikitch,

> sudo ruby setup.rb

Can I make a suggestion about langtool? Needing sudos and changing the
global installation of emacs21 is scary... it would be nice if you
could provide a (find-node "(make)Options Summary" "`-n'") version of
the e-script, that would show which files would be changed, so that
people could backup some directories if they were feeling paranoid...

Actually I (!!) am one of those people who are paranoid about changing
global things in Debian... as Debian's innards are becoming more and
more complex with time (I've heard that the system is becoming simpler
for desktop users, but I don't know anything about desktop interfaces,
as I have never used them) I gave up trying to understand them, and
nowadays I don't touch /usr and I prefer to keep services unconfigured
rather than to play with /etc...

And by the way, there are still many people who don't try eev because
it requires changes in rcfiles to work fully... making build processes
that don't change anything global or precious is super-boring, but it
widens our audience... :\

  Cheers, Edrx

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