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[eev] Dilemna

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: [eev] Dilemna
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 16:08:39 +0200
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I am using eev for months now (with limitted success IMO). Why am
I so hesitant to use eev, I really do not know. I can feel all
the power behind this mode but I am not using it.

In fact, whenever I am trying to something shell-related, I am
used to do it from a shell buffer. I think it takes some getting
used to to automatically think eev.

The other reason I see is that the rare case when I am doing
something in the shell is when I am installing a piece of
software. As I am running slackware, I have to write a slackbuild
(in fact it is a simple shell scripts that tries to follow
standards to install a program). So using eev for such thing is a
no no snce I do not want to clutter with bad installed software.
I always try to make a clean install with a slackware package.

As a DBA, I would (could) probably want to use it but here again
I do not. Why ? Because even if I would use it, I would have to
replace strings here and there to do a basic task such as
rebuilding my indexes or stuff like that. I find it quicker and
easier to type the query.

Another reason I see is that I am not using e-scripts just like
you, I use howm mode for my notes and I jot down things there
without taking care of how things are sorted (I am "tagging" to
easily find something).

Am I doing things wrongly ? Dunno. What I know is that I am
living in the linux console all day long (or almost) and I have
emacs running all day as well. *But* I am almost doing
emacs-targeted stuff like reading mails/news, programming lisp
code (using slime and co), etc. For the other stuff I am grepping
my shell history to do the right thing such as opening my ssh
tunnel to my hosting server, etc.

Once again I really love eev when I am using it but I am not
using it enough to have the feeling to master it. I need your
help to do things the *right* *eev* way.

Advise, please.


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