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Re: [emacs-bidi] Hebrew characters categories

From: Yair Friedman (Jerusalem)
Subject: Re: [emacs-bidi] Hebrew characters categories
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 12:16:21 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Yair Friedman (Jerusalem) wrote:
>> If Emacs will continue with the mixed approach, then we would need 13
>> categories for Hebrew, most of them new.
> I'm not sure I understand where did the number 13 come from.  Could you 
> please spell out all of the 13 categories you had in mind?

In the mean time I narrowed them to 12:

1.  tone-top-left:         Pashta, Telisha Qetana, Zinor 
2.  tone-top-center        Segol, Shalshelet, Zaqef Qatan and many others
3.  tone-top-right         Geresh Muqdam, Telisha Gedola 
4.  tone-bottom-center     Etnahta, Tipeha, Tevir, Munah and some more
5.  tone-bottom-right      Yetiv, Dehi
6.  vowel-bottom-center    All vowels except for Holam and Shuruq
7.  vowel-top-left         Holam
8.  accent-center-center   Dagesh/Mapiq/Shuruq
9.  accent-top-center      Rafe
10. accent-top-right       Shin dot
11. accent-top-left        Sin dot
12. letter                 Letters (and yiddish lagatures)

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