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Re: [emacs-bidi] editing hebrew latex

From: Tzafrir Cohen
Subject: Re: [emacs-bidi] editing hebrew latex
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 18:34:21 +0200 (IST)

On Tue, 25 Dec 2001, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> > Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 13:57:45 +0200 (IST)
> > From: Tzafrir Cohen <address@hidden>
> > >
> > > One question: in what order is the text inside the \R{} written--in
> > > the logical or in visual order?
> >
> > Basically everything is logical. You can consider \R{SOME TEXT} as
> You mean, <RLO>SOME TEXT<PDF>, right?That is, you wanted heblatex
> to reverse the text and typeset it as "TXET EMOS", yes?

Yes. My mistake.

> If so, then I think you could use Emacs as it is now, since this
> doesn't require anything from the editor, right?

It does not require that the editor manipulates the buffer contents in
any way (no visual-hebrew editing). But it would be nice to be able to
read the hebrew text correctly. If I can't read what I write, I write much
slower (try locating a certain sentence in a huge chunk of hebrew text if
the text is displayed "reversed". I have not yet learned to read this...)

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