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Re: SPAM (was [emacs-bidi] Wonderful book about God! )

From: Noam Shomron
Subject: Re: SPAM (was [emacs-bidi] Wonderful book about God! )
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 06:31:39 -0700 (PDT)

>>>From: Matan Ninio <address@hidden>
>>>Subject: Re: SPAM (was [emacs-bidi] Wonderful book about God! )
>>>This is annoying and is getter more and more common.  How about making
>>>this a only-members-can-post newsgroup?  or at least appealing some
>>>spam-filtering on the input from non-members?  


I am not sure what spam filtering (if any) is being done by default (but note
that the particular message that annoyed you actually made it through my
usually very good personal filter, at least the first time---nothing is 
I am hesitant about restricting posting to members, because it may create 
for persons who may want to post to the list from several email addresses, but
we can certainly do it, if spam becomes a problem.

>>>I mean, I wouldn't mind, but this list is *so* quite recently, which is
>>>sad enough, and the spam is just adding insult to injury.

Since the existence of this mailing list is public, it is not too suprising
that it was marked for spam.  I completely agree that it is a sign of a sad, sad

>>>PS, is anything moving in the bidi-front?  Things looked very good about
>>>a year ago, and then suddenly all this quite. :-(

As far as I know, one still has to be at least a bit of a hacker to get 
anything done
(as is often the case with extremely nice free software, e.g., Omega).  This 
will change,
but no one is sure when!

>>>Matan Ninio             
>>>VI VI VI - The Roman Number of The Beast

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