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[emacs-bidi] Hebrew LyX input method for a US English Dvorak keyboard la

From: Amit Ramon
Subject: [emacs-bidi] Hebrew LyX input method for a US English Dvorak keyboard layout
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 22:49:25 +0300
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Following a recent discussion here I wrote an input method for Hebrew
LyX that works for a US English Dvorak keyboard layout. The Hebrew
layout it provides is very similar to a 'standard' Hebrew LyX layout,
with some slight changes, all of them are simply using empty keys in
the first shift level. There is one change to the layout by Yair F.,
posted on this list a couple of weeks ago - I moved the 'gershyim' to
the Q key, to the right of the TAB key. This seems to me more
reasonable, that way it is near the geresh.

These are my additions:

- AD01 shift-slash: gershayim
- AD02 shift-single-quote:  geresh
- AC03 shift-gimel: euro
- AC04 shift-kaph: en dash
- AB01 shift-zain: bullet

As far as I know there is no real standard for Hebrew LyX layout, and
I'm sure that different reasoning can be found, that are at least as
good as mine :) The above is open to discussion, suggestions,

Also, the attached file contains just this input method, but it can be
made a part of hebrew.el. I'm also open for suggestions for the name
of the method, its letter in the status bar (currently 'dalet'), and
anything else.

I tested the attached file on Linux and X.

Hope you find it useful,


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