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Re: [emacs-bidi] Suboptimal display-reordering in minibuffer

From: Larry Denenberg
Subject: Re: [emacs-bidi] Suboptimal display-reordering in minibuffer
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 07:43:31 -0400

>How exactly did you get the ^x? 
>The echo messages that I see here look like C-x.

I set the Macintosh-wide input method to Hebrew (with apple-space, which
Emacs doesn't see at all) and then type control-a.  And I see, against
the right margin:  "is undefined א^".

>Also, I was able to get it in the minibuffer by using the interactive
>global-set-key command. Seems like what was inserted in the buffer was actually

I thought of this too, but it doesn't work for me.  Interactive global
set key doesn't put anything in my minibuffer.  I wonder why the

I did better by doing global-set-key while defining a keyboard macro,
then doing edit-last-kbd-macro.  The relevant line in that buffer is
                   C-\2720                      ;; keyboard-quit
with all characters just standard visible ones.

>    Here's what I think is happening:  The code that complains about
>    undefined characters handles uninsertable characters (things like ^ב and
>    meta-control-mouse-down) by translating them to visible representation.
>    So the message contains a real caret followed by ב.  That is, the first
>    character has no strong directionality, and the directionality is set by
>    the second character, a non-control ב.
>But then the reordering algorithm would have rendered it ב^ and not ^ב as you

Absolutely correct.  But I do see ב^, not ^ב!  And look at my first
paragraph above where I claim to see א^.  I went back to my original
post, expecting to confirm this, and saw:

    Finally, an even more subtle (and unimportant) issue:  The actual
    message I see looks like this: "is undefined ^ב”.  But I would have
    expected "is undefined ב^”, no?  Shouldn't control-bet be written
    with the uparrow on the right when in RTL mode?

So my report was incorrect.  I can't reproduce it.  I'm at a loss to
understand how I could have made such a mistake---I'd think I would have
checked such a subtlety a zillion times, especially when having the
audacity to complain about it.  Complaint retracted.  Apologies to all.

/Larry Denenberg

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