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From: Martin Schwenke
Subject: Gnuserv
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 17:08:13 +1100

Sorry for breaking into the middle of a thread without useful
"In-reply-to" and "References", but I've only just subscribed...

I maintain a package containing the current XEmacs gnuserv stuff that
works on GNU Emacs.  It is available via:


I've got some compatibility code that takes care of the lisp
differences.  Some of it is a bit hacky but lots of people seem to use
it and a couple of GNU/Linux distros include it.

This is much better than the older


stuff.  What's the difference in gnuserv itself?

* The C part has changed a little.  Mostly a bunch of fixes, including
  the security fix the RMS alluded to.

* gnuserv.el has been totally rewritten.  It now does nice things with
  multiple frames and has sensible hooks for closing frames when you
  kill buffers and killing buffers when you close frames.


* I think that you really want the new gnuserv.el.  Hopefully you have
  papers or can get papers for that.

* I'd discourage compiling it, by default, with internet domain
  sockets.  That's where the security problems will come from, and
  things like SSH implement remote X access better than most of us
  know how to.  Opening a remote frame via SSH is a little tricky, but
  I think it can be done happily with a script and some lisp.  The
  trick is to make sure Emacs has permissions on the display that SSH
  is using...

I'd be more than happy to be in the loop when all of this is
discussed.  I'd also be happy to be involved in maintaining some or
all of gnuserv...

peace & happiness,

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