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Re: X performance suffers under emacs 21.1.1

From: Daniel Ortmann
Subject: Re: X performance suffers under emacs 21.1.1
Date: 28 Nov 2001 08:01:27 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> Gerd, could Emacs be creating lots of objects in the X server, and
> never deleting them?  What sort of objects might they be?

> Daniel, how many frames did you use?  Did you make and then delete
> many frames?

One frame.

> Does Emacs display any new images during the session (i.e., not at the
> very beginning but only later)?

No _visible_ displaying of images (or only a few),

1) I saw "something" which made me suspect that a summary buffer M P b o
   download action was mime-processing articles.  (Perhaps I noticed a
   mode-line message of elisp code being loaded when I pressed o?  Sorry
   to be so vague.)

   Try viewing these with emacs gnus under X with M-9-9-9-9 enter in the
   group buffer and then pressing M P b o:

2) The above 1) item also made me suspect that extra mime / image
   processing or displaying was being performed even when I was not
   actually interactively reviewing the articles.

3) If 2) is correct, then a similar problem might happen to some degree
   in a long running emacs session if the user was actually viewing each

4) and I did receive error messages error messages until I retrieved and
   installed some "url" and "w3" code (I think those were the names).  I
   was actually unable even to read some messages, apparently ones with
   html content.  (Distrust my last statements somewhat due to my faulty

Daniel Ortmann, 2414 30 Av NW, #D, Rochester, MN 55901
address@hidden (h)   / 507.288.7732 (h)
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