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Re: Abbrevs changed mysteriously

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: Abbrevs changed mysteriously
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 19:50:57 -0500

>     > Every so often, C-x C-s asks me if I want to save abbrevs.  This is
>     > strange because I have not defined any abbrevs during the session.
>     > Something must be setting abbrevs-changed, but I have not been able to
>     > guess what.
>     > 
>     > Has anyone else seen this?
>     Yes, I also wanted to bitch about it.
>     This bug popped up in one of the pretests.
> That is interesting, because I thought it was due to a change I made
> a few weeks ago, after the release: to make save-abbrevs default to t.
> Perhaps you were setting save-abbrevs yourself before the release,
> so you saw this earlier.  Do you remember about when it started?
> Someone could scan the change log for that time and the previous
> month or two.

No, I am not setting save-abbrevs. I can't remember when it all started, but I
think some time in September, after I updated my copy from CVS.
It may have started earlier, because I was updating about once a month or
I didn't report it then because I was hoping to figure out what was wrong
and also because it was only a minor annoyance that had to be taken care
of only when emacs is restarted (i.e., rarely in my case).


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