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Re: Abbrevs changed mysteriously

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: Abbrevs changed mysteriously
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 23:15:11 -0500

>     No, I am not setting save-abbrevs.
> That is really strange, because the code to ask the question
> is run only if save-abbrevs is non-nil.
> Please try setting save-abbrevs to nil and see if you still get the
> question.

Here is something that might help track it down.

Yes, setting save-abbrevs nil eliminates the problem. However, here is
something more interesting.

Make .emacs like this:

(quietly-read-abbrev-file "bbb")

NOTE: it must be .emacs! If you put the same thing in file foo and start
emacs -q -l foo
the bug won't show up!

Now, put this in bbb:

(define-abbrev-table 'lisp-mode-abbrev-table
  '( ("sss"     "(sit-for 2)"        nil 0) ))

(probably doesn't matter what you put there but the list of abbrevs must
not be empty)

Again, it must be lisp-mode-abbrev-table. It is possible that some other
tables trigger the bug, but things like global-abbrevs-table,
html-abbrevs..., etc. don't cut it.

Now start emacs as

emacs foobar

modify foobar and then do
 M-x save-some-buffers
It'll offer to save foobar and then .abbrev-defs.

>     I can't remember when it all started, but I
>     think some time in September, after I updated my copy from CVS.
> Can you tell us approximately when your previous update was?  Those
> would be bounds on when the change was made.

According to the changelog, I changed ediff or viper on
July 21 and then Sept 9,13,27 Oct 12
So, I definitely updated my cvs copy on those dates.
The bug must have been introduced some time between Jul 21 and Oct 12.


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