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Re: autoload for define-ccl-program

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: autoload for define-ccl-program
Date: 07 Dec 2001 17:06:24 +0000
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>>>>> "WL" == Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> writes:

 WL> No.  I want to autoload a CCL function :-)

I don't understand how you expect it to work, and it's still not clear
it would be terribly useful.

 WL> No large tables.  It is really to avoid cluttering the file china.el
 WL> with stuff belonging to china-util.el -- I could simply add the two
 WL> CCL functions to china.el, and everything is OK, but this is
 WL> ugly.

Well, that's what the language files do.  In general, you need the CCL
to be loaded when the coding system definition is loaded, if only
because it will be necessary to fill the safe-chars property if it
builds a table.

 WL> For orthogonality, the call to make-coding-system should be in
 WL> china.el IMHO.

[chinese.el?]  Regardless of orthogonality, the coding system either
has to be defined in a preloaded file or autoloaded.

 >> I don't think it could work the same.

 WL> Why not?  

The requirements from the language list are processed by an explicit
call to `set-language-environment'.  Also, the CCL engine can't use
anything from the Lisp engine that could trigger GC (like `load'), and
CCL can refer to programs via properties of symbols, not just from
`setup_coding_system' (or whatever it is).

 WL> I think this won't work.  

It works fine for its intended application.  It was just an example of
something you can do to extend coding conversion.

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