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Re: X performance suffers under emacs 21.1.1

From: Daniel Ortmann
Subject: Re: X performance suffers under emacs 21.1.1
Date: 10 Dec 2001 01:10:36 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> I think I found out why clear_image_cache is not doing the job: it is
> not being called.  There is no call in the Lisp code.  The only call
> in the C code is from clear_face_cache.

> clear_face_cache is called once every 10000 full redisplays.  If a
> full redisplay happens once a second (which is unlikely), 10000 of
> them would take three hours.  Evidently this is not often enough to
> keep the image cache clear.

> So I think I know what to do here.  Daniel, would you please try this
> patch?

The patch appears not to work.

After viewing / downloading about 125 articles, sorted from smallest to
largest, from alt.binaries.pictures.automobile, XF86_S3 grew to about

The patch apparently did not work, but it appears to have had some
effect ... after I called clear-image-cache manually XF86_S3 decreased
down to about 11.5MB.  After completely exiting emacs, XF86_S3 went down
to about 8MB.  The difference between 11.5MB and 8MB puzzles me.  Is
clear-image-cache clearing as much as it could?  I had only an xterm and
emacs open when measuring the 11.5MB number.

By the way, after applying ShengHuo ZHU's patch to gnus-sum.el which
saves articles without processing images, I changed my testing method
to this:
- in a gnus summary buffer,
- I recorded a macro of: enter o C-n
- and played it 200 times (interrupting it after about 125 plays).

Daniel Ortmann, 2414 30 Av NW, #D, Rochester, MN 55901
address@hidden (h)   / 507.288.7732 (h)
address@hidden (w) / 507.529.3887 (w)

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