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Re: GNU TLS lisp bindings

From: Scott Lanning
Subject: Re: GNU TLS lisp bindings
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 00:02:09 -0500

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Simon Josefsson wrote:
>Scott Lanning <address@hidden> writes:
>> Also, are there other cases in emacs code (or rogue patches)
>> where someone has "exposed the C API"? I'd like to see them
>> for examples.
>Have a look at William Perry's Foreign Function Interface for XEmacs.

Thanks for the pointer. Alex Schroeder also told me
(on gnu.emacs.help) about this patch:
that allows you to use an elisp function, load-dynamic-library,
to load in a C library dynamically. I found I couldn't call
emacs functions when I used it; maybe I don't understand
dlopen well enough, though.

>> Certainly I will analyze Simon's patch. :)
>Argh!  I shouldn't have posted the code, it is a horrible
>evening hack.

No need to worry, I'm a Perl CGI programmer by day. :)

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