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Compiling current CVS Emacs on Windows NT

From: Christoph Conrad
Subject: Compiling current CVS Emacs on Windows NT
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 12:09:35 +0100
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i tried compiling the current CVS head on Windows NT, both with MSVC
and Cygwin.

The build process failed in both cases at the same place. It's when
dumping emacs with temacs, the loading of "cl" fails.

Best regards,
Christoph Conrad
TTi Entwicklungszentrum GmbH,  Elisabethstr. 16, D-52062 Aachen
Fon: +49 241 47051-0  Fax: +49 241 47051-89 Web: http://www.ttisystems.com
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