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Having trouble compiling NTEmacs from CVS

From: Matthew Flower
Subject: Having trouble compiling NTEmacs from CVS
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 00:15:47 -0800

>  Pure Lisp storage overflow (approx. 2055732 bytes needed)
>  Signal 127
>  make[1]: *** [oo-spd/i386/emacs.exe] Error 255
>  make[1]: Leaving directory `H:/code/emacs/src'
>  make: *** [all-other-dirs-gmake] Error 2

Ah heck, apparently I have another problem - inability to read the emacs
manuals.  This problem is described in the first page of Appendix E of the
Lisp Reference Manual.  

Still, should either of these things be taken care of to make other people's
compiles easier?


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