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Re: Keys when menu-bar is active?

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: Keys when menu-bar is active?
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:29:41 +0100
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"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/address@hidden> writes:

>> * When scrolling down, scrolling doesn't stop when the end of the 
>>   scrollbar is reached.
> You mean it only stops when the last char of the buffer is at the very top
> of the screen.  I don't think it's a feature.

The "thumb" stops when the last line is shown on screen, but the
scrolling doesn't stop until the last char is at the top of the
screen, yes.

>> * The scrolling bar changes size depending on where you are in the
>>   buffer, it seems to depend on how many lines are visible on the
>>   screen (i.e. long lines change things).
> It reflects he number of chars visible compared to the total number of chars.
> That's pretty standard (Xaw with xterm does the same except it's based
> on lines instead of chars.  Since Emacs doesn't keep track of the number
> of lines, it would be costly to recompute it all the time).

The Xaw programs I've used (mostly xterm though) doesn't behave like
Emacs, so the experience is a little different.

>> * Due to the changing size, you can't use it to reliably indicate
>>   how many lines are above you and how many lines below you.
> I'm not sure I understand.  It does reliably indicate something else.

Yes, ok.  Since it doesn't indicate the same thing as in other
programs using Xaw widgets, it is not inutive what it does indicate.

>> * The scroll-one-line-at-a-time feature (invoked if you press
>>   mouse-1 or mouse-3 near the top of the scroll bar?) doesn't
>>   scroll continously (click on it a few times and it wraps back
>>   from where it started).
> It's a bug I haven't been abloe to track down (yet).

Thanks for looking at it.

>> * Scroll-one-line-at-a-time doesn't move the cursor (ordinary
>>   scrolling does).
> That's not related directly to the scrollbar.  Same thing happens
> with M-v and C-v.  You want something like scroll-in-place.

Maybe it was because scroll-one-line-at-a-time didn't recenter the
screen, if it does it should also move the point.

>> * Scroll-one-line-at-a-time behaves "jumpy" at the end of the
>>   buffer.
> That's a bug.
> I have a patch that fixes this bug and that fixes the size of the
> thumb (because the bug is directly related to the difficulty of
> working around Xaw3d's (and Motif's) insistence on not handling
> a variable-sized thumb satisfactorily.  Xaw handles it just fine).
> I don't find it better, tho.

I think all my issues would be taken care of GTK support in Emacs, so
I don't think fixing the Xaw widgets should have very high priority.

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