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Re: Show/Hide menu II

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Show/Hide menu II
Date: 25 Jan 2002 18:48:40 +0000
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address@hidden (Pavel Janík) writes:

> What do you think? Is my decision the best one? I will install this
> tomorrow or maybe on weekend if you think it is better.

One menu is better IMHO.  I also think it should be further down the
Options menu (so should the "Mule" submenu, and we were going to take
the "Set Font/Fontset" out of "Mule" too).  Everything above
"Save Options" should be saved when you select that, so unless we can
provide a way to save the options in the Show/Hide menu, we should put
it after "Save Options".  We should also provide a clear indication
(two separation lines?) to separate the options that are saved from
the ones that are not; for example:

... (rest of options) ...

Enter Debugger on Quit/C-g
Save Options
Set Font/Fontset
Show/Hide                 |>
Mule                      |>
Customize Emacs           |>

I was in favour of putting Set Font/Fontset with the other frame
parameters that are in Show/Hide, but that would require coming up
with another name for the Show/Hide submenu.

Jason Rumney

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