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Re: Using GDB in NTEMACS

From: Jon Cast
Subject: Re: Using GDB in NTEMACS
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 22:00:51 -0600

Jason Rumney <address@hidden> wrote (to me; I'm assuming you forgot to Cc: the 
mailing list):

> FWIW, it did not seem to be a huge amount of work.

I didn't think it was, or I wouldn't have volunteered :)

> Most of the work involved modifying the configure script and
> Makefile.in files,

And providing an s/cygwin.h file :)

What sort of modifications were made to Makefile.in?

> then I guess there is a bit of work figuring out which #ifdef
> WINDOWSNT blocks are required by the Cygwin version, and which
> aren't.

Just a guess, but doesn't that depend on what GUI mechanism we settle
on?  A purely LessTif-based GUI wouldn't require any of the #ifdef
WINDOWSNT blocks, would it?

> I don't think the patch I was sent had done this last part though,
> the impression I got was that the submitter had taken bits from
> XEmacs until he got it to compile.

So it's not as great a loss as might be expected, then---I'm perfectly
capable of modifying Emacs's build scripts until it compiles :)

Jon Cast

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