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Re: address@hidden: [patch] factor out comment-or-uncomment feature from

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: address@hidden: [patch] factor out comment-or-uncomment feature from comment-dwim]
Date: 11 Apr 2002 13:49:13 +0200
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Francesco Potorti` <address@hidden> writes:

>    To set (reactivate) the mark immedately following a series of 
>    C-u C-SPC C-SPC C-SPC C-SPC C-SPC commands, use C-u C-SPC (or
>    C-u C-SPC C-SPC to toggle transient-mark-mode).
> Or even just give any other command, right?

Of course, but this makes it `self-contained'.

In any case, I don't know whether this may break other lisp
packages which calls set-mark-command.  Maybe it should check
with (eq last-command 'set-mark-command) to be sure...?

>    This is a significant deviation from the old behaviour of C-u C-SPC,
>    but the new functionality is much easier to use...!
> Yes, I think so.  Only sophisticated users know about C-u C-SPC, so
> this problem may not be serious.  On the other hand, working with
> Emacses of different versions could be annoying.  But overall I like
> the idea.

Revolution vs. evolution :-)

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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