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Re: German tutorial fix

From: Mario Lang
Subject: Re: German tutorial fix
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 16:40:35 +0200
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"Robert J. Chassell" <address@hidden> writes:

>           What I think we don't need is to explain, demonstrate, and drill the
>           user in basic cursor motion.
>       Drilling them is what teaches them to use C-f rather than an arrow key.
>       So maybe it is still worth while to drill them.
>    I think that using C-f instead of the arrow key is very advanced usage.
> On the contrary, using C-f is basic and enables a slow and
> inexperienced typist to learn to type faster.  
> When a novice learns to take his or her hand off the keyboard, he or
> she forgoes the chance to advance, since it is impossible to learn to
> work well when using arrow keys or the mouse.
Uhm, thats nice. So it's impossible for me to work well. Nice, good that
I now know this.

Please stop this thread, it's extremely pointless. I, for my part, use
cursor keys.  I use a laptop sized keyboard, so I really don't need
to move my hands that far.  And everytime I try to use C-f C-b C-n C-p
it feels like it's much more strain for my left hand. On the other hand,
M-f and M-b and alike are really useful, as they move more than one
char. But having to hit two keys to achieve one movement
feels just wrong to me.  So I think we can conclude that
there are different viewpoints, and that there is no single best


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