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Re: Sesquicolon -- Note: Not a Bug

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Sesquicolon -- Note: Not a Bug
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:15:41 -0400

>     > Would that do the job?  I don't know the precise rules of what #! can
>     > do.  If that would do the job, it is a fine solution.  We could call
>     > it --script.
>     To the best of my knowledge, you're allowed exactly one option (which
>     will go before the filename).
> Are you saying that Emacs would be called with two arguments,
> the option and a file name?

Yes, that's exactly what I suggested.
To make `emacs -batch <file>' behave like `emacs -batch --load <file>'.

> If so, we should not use -batch for this.

To bad.  It seemed like a very natural extension of `-batch'
since `emacs -batch <file>' is generally useless anyway (it
just visits <file> and exits).
If we want to use something else, it would be good to provide a shorthand
for the cases where the OS only takes the first 32chars of the #! line
into account.


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