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cygwin makefile; lisp bootstrap

From: Karl Chen
Subject: cygwin makefile; lisp bootstrap
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 15:45:39 -0700 (PDT)


the NT makefiles from cvs do not work out-of-box for cygwin. For some
directories I had to go into that directory and type

       CURDIR=`pwd` make [bootstrap/all/etc]

to get it to work. Even though it uses cygwin gcc, emacs doesn't compile
in cygwin support (-mno-cygwin); thus paths such as "/cygdrive/d/emacs"
don't work.  Assuming D: is mapped onto /cygdrive/d, pwd in D:/emacs and
/cygdrive/d/emacs return those paths respectively, even though they are
the same physical path. I used the configure.bat script in nt/. I don't
know how the makefile decided to use /cygdrive/d/emacs, but the error
message is very cryptic ("some_file could not be opened").

Besides the makefile problem, other people compiling Emacs on Cygwin
should also be cautioned against being "in" a cygwin POSIX path rather
than an NT path when making. I.e., paths "/usr/local", "/cygdrive/c", etc.
won't work; use the X:/ mounts.

Karl Chen / address@hidden

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