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Re: Mac OS X - Hang / C-g problem patch

From: dme
Subject: Re: Mac OS X - Hang / C-g problem patch
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 12:38:06 +0000
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* address@hidden [2002-12-09 18:09:37]
> Just remembered something from my async-read patch; read shouldn't
> call select if the fd is non-blocking (which may or may not be the
> issue here)
> Could you try this patch?

This improves things a lot.  Brief testing indicates that erc now
works.  I'll test some more and report if I discover any other

Thanks very much.

> One other thing: does pressing C-g cause it to quit, or does it just
> hang?

In the previous situation, pressing C-g did nothing after emacs was
already hung.  Slight testing before it hung indicated that C-g
behaved as expected.

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