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Re: Toolbar problems with GDB mode.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Toolbar problems with GDB mode.
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 23:09:47 +0100 (MET)

> Hmm. I'm very aware that gdba doesn't auto-display complex data structures
> (arrays of structures or structures with arrays in) and plan to solve that
> when I can find the stamina. If you are more specific about other problems
> then I will try to solve them.

I see that the GUD menu also hangs around after quitting gdb.

Well, I don't know if they are gdb (the program) problems or gdba (the mode)
problems.  I just upgraded gdb to 5.2.1.

For example, I do:
M-x gdba
Run gdba (like this): gdb -annotate=2 emacs

(The -annotate=2 is put there by gdba).
Then the .gdbinit puts two breakpoints, nr 2 in emacs.c and gdba loads
that file.  This is kind of annoying since I had the file I wanted to
debug visible, but now it is buried.  But this is not the big bug.

If I go to a C file and do C-x C-v C-a (set breakpoint), here is what
the *gud-emacs* buffer prints:

breakpoint     keep y   0x0810585c in abort at emacs.c:412
2   breakpoint     keep y   0x080db76f ---Type <return> to continue, or q 
<return> to quit---
in x_error_quitter at xterm.c:12727

I typed return at "quit---"

No break point is set.  This "--- Type <return> ..." pops up at a lot
of places, for example when running the program:
(gdb) r
Starting program: /home/jhd/src/emacs-gtk/src/emacs -geometry 80x40+0+0

Breakpoint 4, main (argc=3, argv
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
=0xbffff434) at emacs.c:781

>  > I think (kill-local-variable 'tool-bar-map) should be run even if
>  > (eq gud-minor-mode 'gdba) is false in this function (gdb-ui.el):
> That will restore the toolbar but it will also kill any buffer whose name
> starts with `*'. I could replace:

How can (kill-local-variable 'tool-bar-map) kill buffers?

>         (if (eq gud-minor-mode 'gdba)
> with    (if (memq gud-minor-mode '(gdb gdba))
> which would do what you want. However, I wrote gdb-quit for gdba and
> I've not analysed what other consequences that might have.

Is gdb-quit supposed to be run manually?  It is not run if I type q
at the (gdb) prompt.

> In my opinion, M-x gdb is quite limited. I'm guessing, but I bet most
> people on this list use gdb from the command line when they debug emacs.
> It has quite some nifty features that make it easier to use: completion
> of GDB command names, completion of user-defined procedure names, <RET>
> sometimes repeats the previous command (handy for stepping through the
> program or looking at a listing), readline interface etc, etc...

When you wan't to see the source in a context, it is better that the
command line.

        Jan D.

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