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Re: 21.3.50 for Cygwin: patch 5

From: Joe Buehler
Subject: Re: 21.3.50 for Cygwin: patch 5
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 08:45:33 -0500
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Kim F. Storm wrote:

True, but the specific problem is with cygwin and the _P in pop.c;
there doesn't seem to have been reported similar problems with __P, so
we have two options:

1) a small, localized change in pop.c (_P => __P)
2) a wider, non-localized change (_P and __P => P_)

Actually, doing 1 now doesn't mean that we cannot do 2 later...

FYI, I just checked some of the machines I have access to.  AIX 4.3 and
5.1 both have NLctype.h that defines _P.  HPUX 10.20, 11.0 and 11i
all have _P defined in ctype.h.  SunOS 5.8 has _P defined in
/usr/include/iso/ctype_iso.h.  It looks like this is some sort of legacy
thing for character classes.

Joe Buehler

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