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Automate series of buffer changes...

From: Narasimha Raju
Subject: Automate series of buffer changes...
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 18:09:29 -0600


  This is the first time I am using this mailing list. So I don't know if my
question is too primitive.

I want to automate the following process, of which several 10-12 files need
to be edited.

0) Need to run some shell commands.
1) Open the buffers in a particular order.
2) Each buffer I need to edit some code.
3) After I save the first buffer I want xemacs to open next buffer,
4) Then I shall edit it and save it...
5) After continuing steps 1,2,3 for about 10 buffers, I want to open a new
buffer with a skeleton code.
6) Then run some more shell commands.

Thanks in advance.

Spatial Wireless, Inc
972-437-6250 ext-133

Paradoxical as it may seem,
we likewise find life meaningful only
when we have seen that it is without purpose,
and know the "mystery of the universe"
only when we are convinced that we know nothing about it at all.
       Allan Watts

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