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Re: More enhancements to fringe bitmaps.

From: Marco Munari 16479 . 36044
Subject: Re: More enhancements to fringe bitmaps.
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 03:27:39 +0100
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~\/~ "Kim" == Kim F Storm <address@hidden> writes:

Kim> Marco Munari <address@hidden> writes:

Kim> What about a name which says that this has to do with size of the
Kim> standard bitmaps, e.g.

Kim>         fringe-standard-bitmap-size

Ok, as you prefer (i was in dubt, in the beginning in fact i call it
    locally similarly with "-size" insted of "-group", i changed to group
    because i thought that it was not precisely a size, than when i change
    all image in order of size, "-size" is again apropriate)

   > > +(defvar fringe-bitmap-group nil)
   > > +(setq fringe-bitmap-group nil) ;orrible, but a way to avoid undefined 
in conditions

Kim> I don't see how that is necessary.

me too, but i in the original fringe.el we can see:
(defvar fringe-mode)
(defcustom fringe-mode nil ...

i don't see necessity of the first existing definition

i just removed my absurd setq statement, it was an experiment because i
misunderstend an error on fringe-standard-bitmap-size comparison

Don't consider my patch virtual commit intention for all file,
fringe.el section was uncleaned, with evidence )

   > > + ((and (eq nil value)
   > > + ;;(not (eq fringe-bitmap-group value)) ;how to compare to previous

Kim> use = or equal

   > > + (setq fringe-bitmap-group value)) ;how to use symbol?

Kim> (set symbol value) -- but don't do that ... see my comment below

   > > +
   > > +;;;###autoload
   > > +(defcustom fringe-bitmap-group nil
   > > +"*Specify the bitmap set (related to size) of fringe bitmaps 
   > > +nil is the default bitpapset (quit big)
   > > +0 (tiny) for smallest bitmap as possible"
   > > + :type '(choice (const :tag "Default size" nil)
   > > + (const :tag "tiny" 0) > + (const :tag "small" 1)
   > > +(const :tag "medium" 2)) > + :group 'frames :require 'fringe
   > > + :set 'set-fringe-bitmap-group)
   > > +
   > > +;;The following part close to the end is not well done and
   > > +;;not necessary  so commented as it can be removed

Kim> I think that set-fringe-standard-bitmap-size should be
Kim> interactive.

M-x customize-variable fringe-standard-bitmap-size
is an alternative interactive way

i didn't introduce too much new interactive user ways to set it's value
because existing set-fringe-style could even automatically set
new fringe-standard-bitmaps-size to a proper value, depending on the
fringe width (the default bitmap size for example is too much big for
size less then half).

Kim> You can then use a lambda form in the :set of the above defcustom
Kim> to call it with the required parameters, something like.

Kim>         :set (lambda (symbol value)
Kim> (set-fringe-standard-bitmap-size value))

   > > +;;;;###autoload
   > > +;(defun set-fringe-style (&optional mode)
   > > +; "...Set the default appearance of fringes on the selected
   > > +;frame.

Kim> Why is this function removed ?

justification endpoint:
  Not removed, but precisely copyed from above and commented out
  for future renaming and changing or remove.. use),  i know it's
  a bad way to write code but i used it as a template (in my
  -work in progress- point of view, there was similarity
  on handling fringe-mode and the new variable).
  In that time... before to go to sleep and send the mail, i commented
  all the rest to keep some changes.

I will send a better cleanup remake of fringe.el in next days

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|sin(pi*t)|^[2e^(-(t-11.5)^2)+.5+e^(-(.6t-3.3)^2)])/(.5+t)+1  ; 0<t<14

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