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Re: Moving handlers out of desktop.el

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Moving handlers out of desktop.el
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 14:48:19 +0300
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Lars Hansen <address@hidden> writes:
> How about this change:
> 1. Move the functions above to their respective modules and give each
>    an autoload cookie.
>     Also move the two in `desktop-buffer-misc-functions'.

I think moving the desktop functions AS IS to respective packages is
not good, because these packages shouldn't depend on the desktop package.
Making general functions (with an autoload cookie) from them would be
good.  Such functions could have general arguments and be useful
for other purposes as well.  Otherwise, if such generalization is not
possible, the current desktop implementation is good enough.

> 2. Add in desktop.el a new variable `desktop-buffer-mode-handlers'
>    with a default value like
>     (('dired-mode . 'desktop-buffer-dired)
>      ('rmail-mode . 'desktop-buffer-rmail)
>      ('mh-folder-mode 'desktop-buffer-mh)
>      ('Info-mode . 'desktop-buffer-info))
> 3. Replace in `desktop-buffer-handlers' the four functions above with
>    a function `desktop-buffer-special-mode' looking in the alist above
>    for a handler.

This could be done independently from the first item.

Juri Linkov

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