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Re: recent emacs input crashes (X/GTK related)

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: recent emacs input crashes (X/GTK related)
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 11:00:46 +0200

Quite recently (only within the last few days?) I've very frequently
seen emacs crash like the following:

  1) create a new window with C-x 5 2
  2) switch to the new window
3) try to give some emacs command in it -- and notice it doesn't respond
  4) switching back to the old window allows you to enter commands just
     like normal, it's just the new window that ignores all inputs
  5) deleting the new window will usually then make emacs crash shortly
     (I usually make a new new window after that, but I'm not sure if
     it's necessary)
  6) sometimes it crashes directly at step 3

I can not reproduce this.  As the code where the crash happens has not
changed in months, something else must have.  Have you changed GTK or
X version lately?  Any other changes, such as libc?  It seems Debian
creates a lot of problems I can't reproduce :-)  Are you running Debian
unstable?  I may have to install that somewhere.

        Jan D.

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